Monday, January 24, 2011

Daily links for 01/24/2011

  • Many organizations talk about “best practices” for security, log management, SIEM, etc. The definition of such practice is often fuzzy (and overrun by marketing influences…) but can be loosely related to what leaders in the field are doing today and what practices generally lead to great results. Following the same model, we can create a definition of a “worst practice”
  • Untappd, the popular mobile web app that allows beer drinkers to record and share information about the beers they’re drinking and where they’re drinking them, has gained the attention of many in the beer community.  The app recently hit a milestone, surpassing 10,000 registered users in the Untappd community.  And if you drink beer and pay attention to social media, chances are, you’ve probably heard of Untappd, if you’re not using it already.
  • It is a painful experience for users to repeatedly enter their credentials on small devices, such as mobile phones. Because of password strength requirements from individual service providers, the combination of upper-lower-case letters, digits and special symbols, makes sign-in on smart phones  a very unpleasant process.
  • It’s about assurance. It’s about establishing a degree of trust in a site’s legitimacy that’s sufficient for you to confidently transmit and receive data with the knowledge that it’s reaching its intended destination without being intercepted or manipulated in the process.
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